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Usability & Requirements Engineering

Standardized Procedure


Usability Engineering ...

... according to DIN EN ISO 9241. The procedure is carried out in accordance with the methodology documented in the "Guidelines for Usability" of the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS). ). These include among others

  • Usage context analyses,
  • Identification of user requirements ("User Stories"),
  • Interaction design,
  • Usability prototyping,
  • Usability tests

The goal is to determine optimal dialog interfaces for software solutions.


Requirements Engineering ...

... according to the requirements of the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB). Among other things, this includes

  • the systematic determination of requirements,
  • the examination and coordination with those responsible (stakeholder), as well as
  • the clear and comprehensible documentation, e.g. in UML or with language templates.

The aim is to determine a complete and unambiguous documentation of the requirements for software solutions.


Process Analysis

Empirical analysis of business processes. Typical weak points in processes are identified and eliminated during process optimization.

The aim is to establish efficient processes, both from the point of view of the company as well as the employees.