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Usability & Requirements Engineering

Project Examples

User requirements for virtual patient files: Survey of the user requirements of physicians in the Erft district as part of the Erftkreis model project on the basis of context scenarios. Objective: Introduction of a virtual patient file (project of the German Aerospace Center, DLR). [2000 - 2001]

Identification of weaknesses in the use of the editorial system for the web presentation of the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF). Objective: To identify necessary improvements for a more efficient performance of tasks. [2005]

Requirements analysis and management, as well as quality assurance for the tax calculator of the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF, [2005 - 2006]

Business process analysis based on context scenarios for the Borromäusverein (Bonn). Analysis of tasks, determination of user requirements, identification of organizational requirements, identification of usage objects for all departments of the association. Goal: Creation of a requirement specification for the improvement of the entire EDP landscape. [2007 - 2008]

Creation of a system requirement specification for the realization of a web portal for solar modules for an agency in Düsseldorf. Goal: Specification of the portal to control the system development. [2010]

Process analysis for ISO-compliant documentation: Analysis of tasks and identification of objects of use at an agency in Bonn within the framework of ISO 27001 certification. Integration of documentation obligations into the specified task flow ("business process"). Objective: Fulfilment of documentation obligations without unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles and without changing existing tasks (processes). [2011]

Requirements analysis and user documentation for an internal information system in which distributed information sources are made accessible via a uniform interface. The requirements are separated into customer specification level (business requirements and user requirements) and technical specification level (system requirements). The system requirements are documented in such a way that a user manual can be generated automatically for each change. [2012 - 2014]

Business process analysis and requirements analysis for an agency for sales and business development on the basis of context scenarios. The goal is to optimize sales processes, standardize internal processes, and improve technical support for core sales tasks. [2014 - 2017]

Usage context analysis according to ISO 9241 for "PARADISE". The aim of the BMBF-funded project is to improve data protection and the user-friendliness of doping tests for competitive athletes, with focus on information security and usability of corresponding mobile devices. Results of the usage context analysis based on semi-standardised interviews are, besides the user requirements of the participants, the concept of use, the task and process description as well as existing usage problems. General information on the project at [2016]

Requirements assessment and usage context analysis for a software conversion for an e-shop system of a clothing manufacturer in Munich. The goal is to optimize internal processes and simplify interfaces for employees. [2017]

Business analysis within the scope of a digitization project in the field of telecommunications/customer support. Among others: Analysis of existing processes in customer service, statistical analysis and evaluation of processes and customer surveys, assessment of requirements and risks as well as documentation (e.g. status documents) of subprojects. [2018]

Determination and analysis of the requirements of an online shop as part of a software change. Analysis especially in the areas of accounting, logistics, sales. [2019]